And all of a sudden EU opened her borders so that Chinese mercinaries with the blessings of the Chinese totalitarian regime would peacfully invade Europe. Within the last years the Greek economy was ruined by the flood of cheap and dangerous chinese products.

One after the other small Greek industries and manufacturers had to close down unable to compete the chinese cheap labour or legal slavery if you prefer. Textile and fashion industry, shoe industry have suffered the most. The historical centre of Athens is turning to a cheap and cheesy plastic chinatown. Every traditional Greek shop that is closing down becomes either a chinese or a Pakistani shop. No Greek signs in sight and the majority of the dramatically increasing number of Chinese don't even speak a word in Greek and they are not even interested to learn. New gods - actually foreign demons- are nowadays being worshipped among the old Orthodox churches of the historical centre.

And as if this was not enough our Prime Minsiter, a New World Order agent, proceeded to new agreements with the chinese governement which surprisingly doesn't seem to be a threat or a totalitarian regime (maybe they are too busy with Iran and Iraq and they haven't noticed human rights violation in China). The Greek ports have passed to chinese hands, and soon the railways too. A few days after the NWO Greek governement passed a law that allows corporations to have their own tracks for surface transportation against free-lance truck drivers and small transport businesses the Chinese announced that they will turn Greece the gateway of the Chinese products to Europe. Good bye Greek economy for good, good bye European production. Even the Greek fleet will be constructed in China.

Now WHO on earth would offer land and water to the chinese regime? And WHY? WHO are those EU bureucrats and officers that allowed this crime against the European peoples?

The answer is simple: GREEDY CORPORATIONS. Their insatiable thurst for more and more profits made them move their own production to China. You think you buy Siemens, or Philips but in reality it's all made in China or India where either poverty or governemental oppression makes their peoples work for nothing so that Mr Philips or Mr Microsoft would add a few more millions to his bank account.

And for those products that for some reason still have to be produced in Europe, legal and illegal migration solved their problem: Cheap imigrant labour, even cheaper illegal labour and artificially increased labour force that makes even Europeans ready to work at any terms and conditions in order to survive.


Globalization, foreign "investments", open borders, mass deliberately uncontrolable migration: The called it 'multiculturalism', 'humanism' and 'anti-racism' to make it appear nice and to keep the mouths shut -just like Cassandra before the destruction of Troja or the old Jewish prophets. But what it really is all about, it's a CULTURAL AND HISTORICAL ETHNIC CLEANSING so that peoples with no longer identity will be willing to get the identity that will be given to them: That of the obedient and brainless consumer that will be just worshipping the statues of the New Neros.

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